Photographing Michael Nyman recording sessions. It was a real Pleasure to be invited to photograph and create a visual archive of the recording sessions of Symphony # 2 and 5 composed by the  Academy award winning Michael Nyman.  The World Orchestra conducted by Josep Vicent managed to record these two symphonies in record time. I was allowed all access to the recording studio, my only limitation was to be completely quiet during the actual recording. This was facilitated by my Panasonic Lumix bridge camera, that made absolutely no shutter noise at all. The new bridge cameras are perfect for photographing live events, there is nothing more annoying for the audience than the constant clicking of a DSLR shutter. Recently Charles Padley, the record label manger contacted me for permission to use 8 of my photographs for the album: Michael Nyman Symphonies. Of course I gave permission!
The album cover photo was taken by Michael Nyman himself.
Client: Michael Nyman
website: michaelnyman.com