Joshua Ellis Corporate Photography

As I have mentioned before, I am not only a photo retoucher, but I am also a photo retoucher  and also a video producer and recently I got to use all three of these services in one project. I was contracted to go to Yorkshire to photograph, retouch the photos and create and edit a video for Joshua Ellis a bespoke manufacturer of top quality cashmere goods. They are renowned the world over for producing the finest handcrafted cashmere and woollen cloth, Joshua Ellis fabrics and accessories are highly sought after by luxury fashion houses and are exported from the Yorkshire mill to over 23 different countries.

Of course I jumped at the offer, the first part of the project was to spend a morning at the factory; to photograph the machines, workers and the space for the new website which was being designed. After a meeting with the marketing department, I had enough information regarding the type of photographs they wanted and most importantly, how I should go about retouching them to create a unique style for Joshua Ellis.

They were celebrating 250 years of manufacturing and the retouched “look” they were after was “traditional, heritage and classic”. Once the photographs were taken I went ahead with the retouching, I am fortunate enough to have stored and created specific actions in Photoshop, so rather than retouch all the photos, adding layers and masks etc, what I did was record an action (process) and then apply it to all the images. This retouching action saved me a huge amount of time, and I was able to deliver the final retouches in a fraction of the time. Upon completion I sent the final print and web optimised version to the client, and was pleased to hear they were over the moon with the final retouched photos and no changes were needed!