All That You Need to Know about Luxury Wedding Photography

Luxury weddings are how people with a lot of money spoil themselves during the happiest time of their life. With platforms like Instagram and Pinterest leading the way, luxury wedding photography is becoming more common – even to those who can’t afford the price tag. We see luxury elements getting added to weddings all the time now.

What Makes Luxury Wedding Photography Different?

Luxury wedding photography is all about the style of the photos that are taken to capture the moment and the tools being used to create those powerful shots. There are several different styles, but candid photography seems to be the most popular method right now. Luxury photography is designed to make the happy couple feel like royalty!

This is achieved by focusing on elements already included in the wedding. However, one mistake that I see quite often is that some people mistake luxury photography for highly edited photography. They are not the same. Luxury photography is based on actual themes available at the wedding, with some slight editing. That’s not to say that wedding photography cannot be edited to reach even higher potential. But the overall theme of the wedding must be maintained.


When Should you Choose Luxury Wedding Photographer?

This is not for everyone, so you must decide whether you want to choose a luxury photographer for your wedding. The first question you need to decide is whether you are comfortable having a camera pointed in your direction all day. Because the best photographers are going to be capturing every moment, which means they will be snapping pictures the whole time. This is the best way to guarantee the most fantastic wedding photographs.

Luxury photography is also a great option is you are looking for specific photos and have a general idea about the kinds of photos you want. For instance, if you have a vision for particular angles at certain moments, then luxury photography will help you achieve them.


How are Luxury Wedding Photographers Different from Regular Photographers?

We live in an age where trends keep changing, so we’re starting to see the trend of traditional wedding photography fade away. Luxury photography is taking its place. The fact is that people don’t want traditional photos to commemorate their happiest day. They want the entire experience to be memorable. Luxury photography requires a lot more planning and much more work than what we’ve seen in the past. Overall, people are looking for ways to perfectly preserve the memory of their wedding and luxury photography is the outlet to do just that.

A luxury photographer will lay out a detailed plan before the wedding, sharing it with all parties involved. This plan is much more elaborate than a traditional photography session, and there are hundreds of different aspects to it. Of course, the wedding itself will be in an exotic location with lavish attire. Themed weddings are one of the more popular choices.

However, these complexities must be carried out in a precise way. Otherwise, it could potentially become a disaster. The best luxury wedding photographers will go over everyone’s responsibility and layout a schedule for specific photo sessions within the wedding.

What to Expect?

Companies like Back Office Pro are professionals at editing photos, but the real work comes at the wedding! A luxury wedding requires many decisions to be made during the wedding, so a professional photographer will provide the following benefits.

A Personalized Experience: A luxury photographer will offer a much more personal experience than a traditional photographer. They walk you through every stage of your wedding and help you plan every photo opportunity.

Amazing Editing: Luxury photographers take it a step further by offering some of the best photo editing in the industry. Every step of their detailed plan is made with final editing in mind.

Unique Images: Of course, you can expect to get unique one-of-a-kind photos from your amazing day through a luxury photographer. These won’t be the traditional cookie-cutter shots you see from everyone else.  

Questions you Should Always Ask a Luxury Wedding Photographer

One of the first questions that you need to ask a luxury wedding photographer is what kind of equipment they use. This will give you a good idea as to the level of their professionalism. Not just the camera and other tech either. Ask questions related to props, themes, and other essential items you can think of.

Here are some other questions that you should ask.

  • How are you going to make our wedding pictures “luxurious?” Can you give me a few examples?
  • What methods do you use to capture the luxury elements?
  • Are there any unique lighting features you can bring to my wedding?
  • What kind of poses would you recommend for my wedding photos?


Avoid These Mistakes

  • Don’t choose a luxury wedding photographer based on their price alone. Top tier photographers are usually going to cost a bit more than their lower-end counterparts.
  • Do not rush to any decisions. Wedding planning can be hectic, and some people rush their photographer’s choice.
  • Never choose a photographer just because they happen to be recommended by the venue you have chosen. Every wedding venue will have a recommended list of suppliers, and those services are not always going to be best for your unique wedding.

Final Thoughts

This post should help you get started with the tough decision of finding the right luxury photographer. Remember that it is your unique needs that will help you decide correctly. The overall theme of the wedding should be compared to the skills of the photographer before you decide. Style plays a huge role here so book a photographer who has examples of a style that reflects your wedding. Remember that the whole idea behind a luxury wedding is to create unique memories.

Finally, once you have decided to hire a luxury photographer, let them do their job. Don’t micromanage them. Trust in their expertise.