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I provide a wide variety of professional photographic services, from corporate and event photography. Whether you need an advertising photographer or photography for brochures and web sites, I ensure that you get what you really want. No hidden costs - clear and unambiguous pricing to suit businesses of all sizes. And most importantly, I retouch the photos so they are ready for use.

My philosophy is simple: Listen to your client’s needs, take in the location and produce consistent, high-quality results”

The advent of “Professional Digital Photography” has created a plethora of so called professional photographers who deliver not so professional photographic results. Many events are one off (a wedding cannot be re photographed the next day), or at least incur great expense to re photograph.

As a professional photographer. I studied photography in London under the tutelage of an award winning portrait photographer. I still have many fond memories the darkroom, the distinct smell of the 3 chemicals used to print the photo. As a professional and a pragmatist, I have moved into the digital age of photography. The current batch of professional digital photographic cameras combined with powerful photo retouching tools such as Photoshop and Lightroom, give outstanding photographic results, with a very quick turnaround.

My professional photographic assignments have taken me to many far-flung parts of the world, from photographing a classical orchestra on tour in Mexico and China, VIP photo shoots in Dubai and Morocco, and even to South Africa to photograph lions in a sanctuary.

As a photographer, I not only deliver the raw, unedited photos to you the client, I retouch the photos before sending. Most people believe that once the photographer hands over the photos, they are ready for print or web output. Taking the photo is only half the job, they then need to be retouched, for example even if stock photos were taken in a professional photographic studio, the products may need photo retouching, generally the backgrounds need to be masked and cleaned out, portrait photos need to be retouched. Photos need to be prepared for the format that they are going to be used for; web sizes are completely different to print media. I also have my own company that specialises in retouching photos, check it out

Rapid service - you can often have your photographs supplied the day after a photo shoot, sometimes sooner.

Professional quality photographs are not a luxury...It's often the very first thing a prospective client or customer sees about your business. I help you create a great first impression.

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All aspects of professional photography.

This is a brief list of some of my services, feel free to get in touch to tailor your specific photographic needs. Photography that does the job you need them to do – the pictures you choose should not only convey the message you want them to give, but technically should be fit for purpose. My expertise, in post processing, including free photo retouching services and advice, will ensure your images are ready and can be used how you intended.

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Studio Photography

Good quality stock photos help sell your product online or in a printed brochure or catalogue. Be it a physical item or a garment worn by a model. They really can give you the edge over your competitors and convert enquiries into sales. As a photographer, I not only deliver the raw, unedited photos to the client, I retouch the photos before sending. That means the photos are retouched, optimised and ready, delivered to you in the format that you require, be it web or print sized.


Portrait & Wedding Photography

Choosing your portrait or wedding photographer is a big decision and not an easy one to make these days. As a photographer and photo retoucher, I come across so many wedding and studio photo disasters. Out of all the specialties, portrait and wedding photography needs to be spot on; as reshoots can be expensive or impossible to re photograph as in the case of weddings.

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Corporate Photography

I offer Corporate and Business photography, covering business portraits for websites, images for marketing purposes along with corporate events including AGM’s, conferences, charity dinners and parties. Keep a record of important business, creative, sporting occasions or family events. These photos can really help promote your product or service using social media after the fact, quality photos on your website or for print materials such as brochures and catalogues. I offer a professional service from the initial brief to the fast turnaround of your finished images. Give your company the image it deserves. A superior visual image will give you the edge over your competitors and generate more sales and enquiries.

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My Photography Blog

My professional photographic services blogspace, covering projects I have been involved in and some thoughts regarding photography in general.

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To discuss your needs, all photo shoots are different, talk to me and we can discuss your photographic needs. To help me deal with your enquiry as efficiently as possible, please give as much detail about your requirements as you can and I will be in touch shortly.  I will tailor make your shoot to achieve the photos that you want…


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